Open LMS

A unique open source learning experience.

Open LMS is thethe world's largest Moodle Cloud. A learning management system (LMS) that uses Moodle's open source technology and extends its and extends its capabilities to create better learning experiences. Open LMS features tools such as the Personalized Learning Designer (PLD), easy and intuitive course creation (Conduit) and advanced reporting.


With Open LMS you can design a sleek, intuitive interface that is fully responsive for both your business and your educational organization. Set learning objectives and get statistics that measure learning progress. Identify at-risk students and anticipate to redirect the teaching-learning process and increase performance.

Open LMS

Discover Moodle
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Open LMS features

Personalized learning

Through different rules, the PLD allows to automate learning experiences suitable for each user and to identify key behaviors in order to trigger additional help to enable them to complete the course.

User experience

Through a modern and attractive design, with an intuitive and advanced navigation, it offers a quality user experience. All this fully adapted to any device and accessible at any time and place.

SaaS Hosting

OpenLMS relies on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud infrastructure, guaranteeing hosting according to the size and geographic location of each client.

Platform availability
Hours x 7 days of supervision
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