Iseazy LMS

The best LMS platform for your company's training.

Iseazy LMS is the best LMS platform in the cloud for your team's training.. Gaarantees a personalized and powerful learning experience. A training platform that allows you to manage and deploy in a single system the strategic processes of human resources. An all-in-one that makes it possible to manage training, talent, development and performance of people, in line with the strategy, culture, and objectives of your company in the same learning space.

You can choose the Iseazy LMS configuration that best suits your needs and company size: learningperformance or talent. Three possible options in a single learning management system.

Iseazy LMS uses the most cutting-edge technology and the most innovative integration mechanisms in order to make your system, standard or self-developed, compatible with our platform.

Iseazy LMS

A unique learning experience
for your company



All the facilities for a quick and easy management. Design, create, deploy, dynamize, monitor and measure autonomously all training processes. Take advantage of the full potential of a platform designed with the most modern standards of usability and information architecture.


Many structures in one. Today and in the future. Define and adapt your corporate structure, segment in multiple flexible environments and create audiences for your processes.


Functionalities and tools to make the experience more human (voting, sharing and commenting on content is already possible). Boost informal and collaborative learning, encouraging participation so that your employees get involved with the training.

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