100% Open Source Learning Management System.

Sakai is the learning management system (LMS) that was conceived as an alternative to proprietary systems. was conceived as an alternative to proprietary systems, whichs, providesndo flexibility and innovation to the platform for online learning.


Endorsed by the best universities in the world and designed from the ground up to meet the needs of the education sThis open source LMS is constantly being expanded and improved to meet the emerging needs of higher education. emerging needs in the e-learning world. in the e-learning world.


As an initiative driven for users of Sakaiusers, it has several communities andcommunities and active groups dedicated to accessibility, internationalization, documentation, teaching and learning and specific functionalities that make the platform more user-friendly and easier to use..


Manage learning


Sakai features


Sakai provides powerful group work and feedback tools: wiki, messaging, forums, email, event or activity log sheets, chat, announcements and urgent postings, as well as Facebook-inspired tools to ensure social interaction and learning among users.


Create and administer online assessments using tests and quizzes or create and share rubrics that provide valuable feedback about the activities to be graded. Track learning progress through the gradebook and assign grades both online and offline.

PA System

This system provides administrators with the ability to offer everything from simple banners at the top of the interface to fully customizable pop-up notifications to keep their users informed at all times.

Pentec E-Learning Area

Samoo was born in 2006 from our parent company Pentec. Since then, we have merged all our know-how in technology and education to meet the challenges in education and offer the best E-learning and Blended solutions.