Blackboard Learn

Leading learning management system in the world.

The LMS designed to make things easier than ever. Blackboard Learn is the leading learning management system (LMS) in academia, being used by 76% of the top educational institutions in the world. educational institutions in the mBlackboard Learn. Blackboard Learn has been created toto make the teaching experience easier for teachers and the learning experience for students and offer a new way of learning that is more flexible, social and personalized.


Ehis platform is much more than an LMS, it is a complete training environment that can be fully integrated with external systems thanks to its framework advanced integration framework and extensible in functionality through Building Blocks. Blackboard Learn is characterized by offeringamong others: multi-entity, system anti-plagiarism, a social environment, content manager, app native mobile app, repository cloud of learning objects and advanced tools for tracking and early detection of dropout.


Thanks to the Learn Ultra version, we improve the user's experience and interaction with the learning environment, thus promoting student participation and workflows, both for teachers and administrators or managers, thus obtaining a more intense use and exploitation of the LMS.


At Samoo E-learning we are official distributors in Spain of Blackboard Learn. Join the change or ask us if you have any doubts.

Blackboard Learn

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Mobile learning

Blackboard Learn has native apps for teachers and students to ensure an enhanced and personalized experience from any type of device. They are available for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


Blackboard Learn makes learning accessible to all, as it is highly committed to championing equity in educational organizations and aims to improve the learning experience for all students.


The Blackboard environment allows the creation of communities, organizations and groups, being able to assign different roles to participants, manage their permissions and privileges and administer the way they visualize the platform.

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