Anthology Ally

Accessible LMS content.

Anthology Ally is a revolutionary product that focuses on making online course content accessible. Designed to help institutions gain greater insight into the accessibility of their content, it provides guidance to faculty on how to improve the quality of their content to save time and resources. In addition, it offers students immediate access to content in formats that may be more appropriate to their specific needs, allowing them to actively participate in the teaching-learning process.

Anthology Ally is available to any educational institution seeking to understand and improve the accessibility of its content, regardless of the learning management system it uses.

Anthology Ally

Designed for LMS


Alternative accessible formats

Ally generates a range of accessible alternatives to the teacher's material, which are available to all learners in the course through advanced machine learning algorithms. These formats include HTML, audio, ePub and electronic braille.


It provides feedback to faculty on the accessibility of course materials and helps them correct identified problems. The goal is to increase recognition and understanding of accessibility among faculty and to generate a truly inclusive impact on access for the entire institution.

Institutional reports

It provides an accessibility report of the course content and an in-depth view of how the institution is evolving from an accessibility perspective. This report serves to track progress, helps highlight problem areas and identify initiatives that can improve accessibility at the institution.

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