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Open LMS WORK is a powerful learning management system designed to accommodate diverse training and talent management processes. This platform gives organizations the freedom of choice; therefore, it is flexible and scalable, so that it can seamlessly expand its capacity as the business or institution grows. Open LMS WORK allows you to segment and classify learners or employees into groups, easily build and refine learning paths, and align activities, courses and other competencies as you prefer. In addition, you can track individual and group learning outcomes, participation in activities, study time, etc., through reports.


Often, social interaction is not linked to learning, but we all learn better by interacting with colleagues and being able to easily share content, exchanging links, commenting on suggestions or questions, and so on. Now, Open LMS WORK has merged these functionalities to foster social integration in the virtual learning environment.

Open LMS Work

What is Open LMS WORK?


Active Social Interaction

Users learn best from their social interaction and by being able to share video content, informative links or by commenting on others' suggestions or questions. However, until now, social interaction has been largely separated from learning. Open LMS WORK incorporates these functionalities so that users can like, forward, share or save comments.

Analysis and Reporting

Many people wonder how to follow up on a student who may be failing a certain course or content and improve his or her performance. Now with the analysis and reports offered by this virtual environment, it is very easy to know the learning needs of the students in order to act in time.

Multi-tenant function

Enable your LMS to be better structured. Create departments, sub-departments, divisions or customer sections that allow you to categorize, administer, manage and customize your group of users or customers. This way each department or division can act as a completely independent LMS, with customized themes and features for each.

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