Easily create and update your e-learning courses

Easygenerator makes it possible to design and update your courses quickly and easily. Create, collaborate and share - now it's easy!


1. Simplifies and accelerates the development of learning.

Easygenerator allows anyone, from e-learning professionals to subject matter experts, to create and share interactive content. In addition, you can track results and collaborate with multiple authors in real time. All within one intuitive-to-use tool.


2. Easily create courses together.

Whether starting from scratch or choosing one of the pre-designed templates, Easygenerator's drag-and-drop editor makes creating interactive content simple. Work with your entire team by interacting through comments from co-authors and reviewers to create the perfect training.


3. Enjoy personalized assistance at your fingertips.

Count on the Easygenerator team to support your authors when they need it. Whether through live chat or personal training sessions, Easygenerator is on your side to give you the help you need so you can create quality courses in no time.


Create Interactive Online Courses.


Live collaboration

Thanks to the live comments within Easygenerator, authors can talk to each other directly within the application, and pinpoint where they need help. And if you need to have your course reviewed without editing it, then use the reviewer option, which allows anyone you choose to give direct feedback within the tool for free.

Easy and intuitive

Easygenerator's drag-and-drop functions are what make the magic happen. Choose one of the content modules, drag it to the right place, drop it and add your content to create interactive training. Or use one of the 10 question types to test your learners' knowledge and immediately collect their feedback.

Exclusive personalized support

Count on the Easygenerator team to support your authors whenever they need it. You can enjoy fast response to your questions via live chat from 7am to 2am, while benefiting from personalized live training in your native language.

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