Samoo participates in the CIAED event with Open LMS

In today's post, we want to tell our experience in the 28th edition of CIAED, an international congress, organized by ABED (Brazilian Association of Distance Education) a non-profit scientific society, focused on the development of open, flexible and distance education, which was created on June 21, 1995 by a group of educators interested in distance education and new learning technologies. At the event, we were accompanied at all times by our colleagues from Open LMS.


A couple of months ago we announced that we were an official partner of Open LMS in Brazil, these last few days we have worked together to attend an event that is a reference in online education. This is great news for both companies, expanding our relevance in South America.
We form a complete alliance where the main mission is to provide the best service at a functional, pedagogical and technological level, as well as support, help and specialized development in Open LMS.

Location of the event

CIAED took place in one of the most complete spaces for events in the country, "Riocentro" offering four pavilions, a convention center, an amphitheater and a hotel. Making it one of the best convention centers in the world. "Riocentro is located in Jacarepaguá, in the city of Rio de Janeiro.

During the event we were located at booth 31, next to Open LMS.

We participated in the CIAED event (Brazil)

Empowering the future of higher education through AI

Our account manager in Brazil, Daniel A. Dias Da Costa, was in charge of the presentation "Empowering the future of higher education through artificial intelligence".


His talk focused on addressing a widespread concern among teachers: their fear of being replaced by artificial intelligence.

During the talk, Dani wanted to convey that these systems should not be considered a threat, but an opportunity to improve, evolve and optimize educational processes. In addition, to alleviate the workload of teachers and offer them support in various areas of their work.


We were able to preview the ecosystem of functionalities developed through the collaboration between Samoo by Pentec, Open LMS and Koanly. This ecosystem allows to take advantage of artificial intelligence natively integrated with the LMS, to provide comprehensive support and enrich the learning experience for both teachers and students.


Finally, we would like to thank all the attendees who met during the 3 days at "Riocentro", all the members belonging to the educational institutions, the main leading EdTech manufacturers who attended the event, to Open LMS for joining us in this incredible experience and to our colleague Daniel Dias, on behalf of Samoo.


This is one of the first steps for our alliance to remain strong in South America.

See you soon!

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