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On Samoo by Pentec we have established ourselves as a leading company in the implementation of e-learning projects in Spain and Latin America, standing out in functionality, technology and pedagogy. As an official distributor of the main Edtech tools worldwide, we offer a global vision that positions us as your ideal partner in the educational field.

In our area specialized in virtualization and content production, we have established ourselves as a reliable supplier for University Groups, Large Corporations and Public Administrations.

Transform education with us!

We have optimized our processes and operational efficiency, which translates into a professional and highly competitive service in key areas such as authoring, content virtualization, multimedia production and document layout, being able to offer an unbeatable quality-price ratio in our services compared to the competition.

Professional authorship

At every stage of the process, from conceptualization to final delivery, our specialized team is dedicated to transforming your educational vision into innovative and impactful learning experiences for your students.

Our experts work closely with the client to design educational content that fits their objectives, methodology and audience.

Compilation in SCORM format

In the virtualization process, we carry out the layout and compilation in SCORM format to create interactive and traceable didactic resources. We generate activities designed to evaluate the acquisition of competencies by students in a way that promotes engagement and is attractive to the end user. In addition, we adapt your content to the requirements of FUNDAE in order to make them bonusable.

Document layout

With our professional document layout service (guides, manuals, infographics...), we add value and style to the presentation of the client's training resources, harmonizing them perfectly with their corporate image.

Multimedia production

In our commitment to efficiency and quality, we have an advanced in-house multimedia production facility that allows us to optimize costs in order to offer the best quality-price ratio to our customers.

We generate 2D and 3D animations, carry out high quality video production and editing, and provide professional voice-over services to offer a complete and immersive experience.


We transform the teaching process into an exciting and participatory experience, using game elements to engage and motivate students. From the development of the game strategy to the integration of interactive challenges aligned with the project objectives, our approach not only drives student engagement, but also strengthens knowledge retention.

Visit our new Samoo Academy section

We would like to introduce you to our latest educational innovation: Samoo Academy . A new section on the web, where technology, pedagogy and creativity converge to transform teaching.

Soon we will be adding Educational Pills, short and entertaining videos that will take you into the fascinating universe of Samoo Academy!

You will learn about our Webinars section, so that you can see again and again the main functionalities and innovations in the leading e-learning solutions, we will present you different Success Cases and you will have access to White Papers, where we will explore different topics such as content virtualization.


In the coming days we will be showing the latest news through our social networks.

We are waiting for you at Samoo Academy!

Pentec E-Learning Area

Samoo was born in 2006 from our parent company Pentec. Since then, we have merged all our know-how in technology and education to meet the challenges in education and offer the best E-learning and Blended solutions.