Women leaders in e-learning

On May 8th we celebrate the International Women's Day, from Samoo by Pentecwe join this commemoration highlighting the legacy of four women who have left a significant mark in the field of E-learning.

Cammy Bean

She is a leader in the E-learning industry, author of several books on instructional design and educational technologies. She has led teams in the implementation of emerging technologies in the field of online learning, from VR to gamification.

Barbara "Bobbi" Kurshan

She is recognized for her pioneering work in integrating technology into education. She founded several educational programs and organizations, including the EdTech Leaders Online and the Digital Learning Consortium.

Gail Anderson

An African-American graphic designer known for her work at Rolling Stone and as an art director at Spot. Her innovative approach to the use of typography has influenced the way typography is perceived and used in contemporary design, inspiring designers of all generations.

Reshma Saujani

Founder of Girls Who Code, an organization that works to bridge the gender gap in the technology industry through educational and mentoring programs for girls and young women.

Women in Samoo by Pentec

The legacy of these boundary-defying women inspires our team in their daily work to make their mark.

Boosting the female talent in the team of Samoo by Pentec not only strengthens our diversity, but also enhances the excellence of the team as a whole.

Pentec E-Learning Area

Samoo was born in 2006 from our parent company Pentec. Since then, we have merged all our know-how in technology and education to meet the challenges in education and offer the best E-learning and Blended solutions.