What's new with AI in education?

What's new about generative AI in education?

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A few days ago, we asked for your opinion in our social networks about the main trends that will mark education in the coming years, being Artificial Intelligence the one that generated more interest. This type of technology may have been felt as a threat, in the sense that teachers may be replaced or students may be evaluated in an excessively strict way, however, AI is revolutionizing the way in which teaching and learning take place, providing more personalized, interactive and adaptive educational experiences. Therefore, we need to see it not as a threat, but as an opportunity.

Are you ready to experience the advances in the educational world? This year 2024 promises to be a milestone in the evolution of education thanks to the leaps and bounds that Artificial Intelligence is taking in the field of education.

What does generative AI really consist of?

This refers to a subfield of Artificial Intelligence that focuses on models capable of generating original and realistic content. That is, generative AI builds from scratch, as opposed to more traditional AI models, which focus on more specific and defined tasks.

What characterizes generative AI?

Versatile tool: as mentioned above, generative AI adapts easily and quickly to a variety of functions and scenarios.


Ease of use: it is not necessary to learn a programming language, you can write in a direct and natural way, giving the necessary instructions to the tool.


It is accessible: there is no need to install specific software, you can access it directly through your browser, in most cases free of charge.

What new developments does generative AI bring to the educational arena during 2024?

  • Adaptive learning: Machine learning systems increasingly analyze each student's performance, adjusting content, pace and teaching methods to optimize understanding of the material.
  • Adaptive assessments: Tests and assessments will no longer be static. Generative AI will enable the creation of adaptive assessments that adjust to the student's skill level. Providing a more accurate assessment of a student's skills and knowledge.
  • Augmented collaboration: Generative AI will facilitate collaboration among students, enabling more effective co-creation of projects and problem solving, thus improving social and teamwork skills.
  • Creation of dynamic educational content: During this year, an explosion of dynamic and personalized educational content through generative AI is expected.
  • Multilingual videos with avatars: The use of artificial intelligence to create videos using a wide variety of languages, including AI-generated avatars, whether of real people or not, will become widespread. Tools such as Vidext, included in our portfolio, are making great progress in this field.

Samoo AI

Currently, there are many companies that are betting on innovating in the field of Artificial Intelligence, such is the case of Koanly, where they have been developing AI tools applied to teaching for more than 5 years, with results endorsed by educational institutions such as the University of Valencia, the Ministry of Science and Innovation or the European Commission among others. Samoo by Pentec y Koanly have joined forces to develop a series of products for the optimization of management, support, evaluation and teaching processes through generative AI.


In the last SIMO Education 2023 event in IFEMA Madrid, we presented Samoo AI, our new division specialized in Generative AI applied to education, where we offer services and solutions to optimize academic processes through Artificial Intelligence, in this way, with Samoo AI we want to focus on providing accompaniment, support and solutions to educational institutions and universities, facing the challenges and challenges that arise in education. Our goal is to continue strengthening the tool and innovating in the coming months.




What's new with AI in education?

AI is here to stay

2024 promises to be an exciting chapter in the integration of generative AI in education.

We are at a time of significant transformation in education, there may be some rejection of AI applied in education, due to ethical concerns, implementation challenges and negative perceptions, however, generative AI is slowly being introduced, so that teachers and students can assimilate it, see it as another tool and collaborate as a team to improve and transform education.



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