Create professional videos without recording, in record time.

Vidext allows you to convert text to video and voice in more than 40 languages. No cameras, microphones or actors.


Vidext is a 100% online production studio. It facilitates the digital transformation of companies, converting texts and documents into attractive videos in all the necessary languages in a matter of minutes.

Synchronizes text by an avatar that is powered by AI. Provides in all languages, texts that your company needs. This allows you to generate scalable content without recording or editing skills.


The future of audiovisual content creation is linked to artificial intelligence, the reduction of costs, time and the possibility of launching a personalized message.


Create the best content



Overcome linguistic, spatial and temporal limits by creating online videos with just one click. Generate quality content without previous editing knowledge.

+40 languages

Expand and gain international attention through the wide range of easily accessible languages.


Personalize your messages by transforming them into true multilingual, up-to-date and interconnected communication channels.

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