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IsEazy Author is a cloud platform for the creation and distribution of multimedia content. Create your e-learning courses quickly and easily.. Obtain professional results without complication. Work in a fully collaborative environment and without the need for downloading any software.

Its extensive catalog of resources will allow you to create express and impactful courses that you can view from anywhere thanks to its responsive design. In addition to this, isEazy author allows you to integrater easily third-party content such as videosYouTube videos, TEDxpresentations, Vimeo, SlideShare SlideSharepodcasts, Google Docs, articles, gráficas, etc.

IsEazy Author

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The most intuitive and professional live editing e-learning solution. Easily create quality content without technical knowledge.


IsEazy Author is a cloud platform for the creation and distribution of multimedia products. Turn your idea into a product in minutes. Click, drag, edit and share. The editing agility of isEazy author is amazing, but true. Plus, stop worrying about losing materials, with its cloud technology, you'll never lose what you've worked on.


Using isEazy author has never been so sexy. The dynamic structure of its platform makes navigation intuitive, even for those creating their first e-learning course.

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