Creation of interactive content without programming.

EasyProf is a didactic content authoring tool that allows the creation of any type of multimedia content with a high level of interactivity without the need for programming programming or technical knowledge. It is specially designeda for the elaboration of e-learning courses, but it also allows the creation of commercial presentations, self-evaluated self-assessment quizzesinteractive exercises, welcome plansetc. En short, EasyProf allows to present in an attractive way and in digital any knowledge possessed by the editor.


EasyProf allows you to generate content in three different formats: HTML, content and SCORM..




Creation of interactive content without programming.

Improved ergonomics

The variety of small details produces big effects: new window system with anchor, customization of views, profile selector, customizable toolbar, invisible element filter, possibility of dragging resources from the library, and much more.

Responsive design

EasyProf, generates and adapts your content to the size and format of the user's device on computers, tablets and smartphones.

HTML5 Importer

EasyProf makes it easy. Import animations or any content programmed in HTML5 to integrate it into your teaching environment. In this way, it helps you to create a structured, dynamic and evaluable project, as well as to generate training modules in SCORM, HTML5 or local.

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