Transforms academic management.

Transform academic management with Classlife, an all-in-one management platform with which you can connect with your peers and get closer to the future of education. Classlife will allow you to get:


-Collaborative environments

-reports customized

-Advanced procedures


The idea presented by Classlife is to include in an online platform all the necessary tools to manage an educational center with agility and productivity. With Classlife you can activate all your work teams and facilitate the digital transformation of your educational center quickly and easily, without duplicating efforts and optimizing all resources to the maximum, covering all areas of administrative management of the center.

"All-in-one integration is what will come to mark the next generation of educational platforms."


The most complete educational management platform


classlife, transforms academic management


Curriculum, allows the creation of a large number of tools that facilitate teaching and learning.


Teachers can create agendas or calendars of activities where they add the dates on which evaluations will be carried out. In addition, it also allows scheduling meetings with parents and representatives.


More detailed curricula that engage students' interest in learning, making the teaching and learning process more effective.
Classlife transforms academic management.

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