Make your content speak.

ReadSpeaker is the world leader in online text-to-speech conversion.. It enables the conversion of online content online in more than 50 languages and with more than 90 different natural-sounding natural sounding. It offers a wide range of text-to-speech conversion solutions for pages websites, mobile sites, mobile applications, feeds RSS, e-learning materials, documents, online forms, etc. ReadSpeaker is now also is now also made to give voice to your robots, interactive voice responses (IVR) and advertising announcements.


All products are web-based, so no download is required, easy to deploy and integrateaccessible from anywhere, with any browser and always up to date.


What is ReadSpeaker?


ReadSpeaker features

LMS Integration

ReadSpeaker is ready to be integrated into learning management systems (LMS) to offer users the possibility to listen to textual content. The text-to-speech service helps all users to better understand the content, enabling bimodal learning or easy access to audio-only content. ReadSpeaker can be integrated into virtually any LMS or platform to enrich any content with audio, in line with Universal Design for Learning (UDL) recommendations.

Audio production

With its audio production solutions, it allows you to produce your own audio files using text-to-speech technology, supporting a wide range of languages and voices. The audio files can be used both online and offline in your web applications, mobile applications, presentations or e-learning materials.

Online reading

Thanks to the ReadSpeaker Enterprise solution with highlighting effect, which consists of a play button and an integrated audio player (fully controllable from the keyboard), when the user clicks on the Listen button, a player opens and starts reading the page content. In addition, the text is highlighted while it is being read, thus reinforcing its comprehension.

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