Universal Accessibility

Bemyvega is a system that takes accessibility in the classroom to another level. It was born from the difficulties that Vega, daughter of the creators, has to access education under the same conditions as her peers. Since then, the goal has been to create the technology that allows universal access to education. Vega has been the inspiration to create Bemyvega.


Bemyvega creates an innovative and effective product that brings together in a single device all the options for anyone to follow a class, conference or lecture independently and without missing any detail, both in person and in streaming.


Bemyvega 's equipment has been designed to eliminate barriers and provide practical solutions that help people with disabilities, because everyone counts equally.



No limits to accessibility



Bemyvega is an inclusive technology that helps people with visual or hearing disabilities. Bemyvega is a system that brings accessibility to the classroom but goes beyond. That is why we consider it a great example of Universal Accessibility.

Easy and intuitive

The user who wants to use it only has to download the application and connect to the local network generated by the device.


Quick and intuitive selection of the camera to be viewed (projector, fixed or tracking camera).
Possibility to zoom in on images and videos, capture screen and possibility to control viewing (pause, continue, etc.)

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