Why choose Panopto as your video platform?

The use of video on college campuses is growing at an incredible rate. Professors around the world are using video in universities to enhance students' learning experiences.

Given the demand, faculty managers and IT technicians are focused on finding the most suitable video platform for their students.

Panopto works with hundreds of universities, institutions and schools of higher education.

These are the main features they look for in a video platform for higher education.

Why Choose Panopto as a video platform for your university?

1- Ease of use:

One of the main factors to value about video platforms is that they should be easy to use for everyone. Viewing, uploading and capturing video, live streaming and managing video content should be intuitive to learn and simple to execute.

2- Integration of learning management systems (LMS) and identity providers:

The video platform should offer a wide range of compatibility with your university's existing technologies. Ready-made integration modules for LMS, such as Blackboard, Open LMS or MOODLE, make it possible to provide video from within the LMS itself in a transparent and attractive way for the end user. Existing identity systems such as Active Directory or SAML guarantee individual user support and seamless management.

3- Centralized video content management:

For IT technicians, one of the biggest attractions of implementing a video content management system (VCMS) is the ability to consolidate video content from multiple servers on campus and manage it as the "YouTube of the campus". This optimizes the user experience and helps lower management costs, especially if a cloud-based video platform is chosen.

4- Wide device and file format compatibility:

Device compatibility affects the choice of video platforms. Panopto offers "plug and play" compatibility, achieving the widest range of devices and capture systems. From webcams to digital whiteboards, the platform should be able to recognize and support recordings on any device that can be connected to a PC.

The rise in popularity of mobile devices on campus has reinforced students' expectations to access course materials when they need them. Therefore, videos should be accessible from any device.

5- Intelligent search

Panopto allows students to search and find specific parts of a video, helping them to review points that were difficult to understand during lectures and to get more prepared for exams. It is very important for students to quickly find the information they are looking for. Therefore, intelligent search is a top priority provided by Panopto.

Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology is used to index every word spoken or appearing during a video, allowing students to locate specific pieces of information and access them with a click.

6- Analytical

Obtaining analytical data is a priority at Panopto, it is vitally important to have actionable information about system performance, server health and network usage.

Learning analytics includes statistics on audience engagement and viewing activity. This information helps teachers customize learning methodology based on how students engage with the content.

7- Automated recording

Panopto allows you to control all video recordings and live broadcasts from a single browser. Recordings can be scheduled on an ad hoc basis or for recurring events. As soon as the event ends, the recording is automatically uploaded to the school's video management system, where it is made available to students.

8- Accessibility

Panopto offers students accessibility features to be able to navigate within the platform in a simple way, quickly understanding the web interface. This web interface supports screen readers, keyboard access and all available functions. Panopto allows automated captioning of all stored videos.

We hope you found this article useful. Why choose Panopto as your video platform? Do you want more information about Panopto? Don't hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you and help you.

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