Gamification in e-learning

Gamification in e-learning

In today's post we bring you gamification within the e-learning world, one of the trends that is hitting hardest this year and that aroused great interest in our social networks.


If we develop educational content and combine it with online learning, we get as a result Gamification in e-learning. In this article we will discuss effective gamification techniques and how we apply them in e-Learning. Shall we start?


The most technical definition of gamification in eLearning is the following: "it is a way of applying a learner-centered design, using game mechanics, taking into account the specific characteristics of human behavior, their motivations, fears and learners' goals".

How do we use it in e-learning?

The most important thing is to attract the attention of the students from different elements, which are incorporated into their learning experience, achieving the instructional objectives.

The following are some examples:

Use of avatars:

The use of avatars adds value to the learner's experience by aiding their understanding of the course in question and adding playful functionality. Ispring, Powtoon o Vidext are tools within our portfolio that enhance the use of avatars.



An engaging story can be a great potential in e-learning, learners can increase their motivation and engagement in the educational content.


Challenges and rewards:

Other very interesting elements within gamification are the challenges posed to the students, rewarding them for overcoming them and increasing their level of difficulty, always in a related context so that learning is effective. In this way, their level of commitment will increase.


Attractive visual design:

Good techniques to achieve an attractive visual design are to use eye-catching images and aesthetically pleasing designs, allowing gamification to be more appealing to learners.

Advantages of gamification

Gamification enables learners to do their best.

Among the advantages of gamification for eLearning training, we can highlight:


-Increased motivation.


-Greater student autonomy.


-Achieving meaningful goals.


-Learning is better guided.

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