Bemyvega, training without limits.

Bemyvega: no limits to training.

Bemyvega joins the list of Gold products to be found in our educational solutions corner during the education event of the year, SIMO Education 2022.

If you want to know more about BemyVega, they will be present at the Samoo stand, 14C05, located in the central square of pavilion 14 at Ifema Madrid on November 22, 23 and 24. 


Do not miss the presentation that will be held at our booth on November 23rd at 4:00 p.m. about the tool.

Universal access to knowledge.

Bemyvega was born as a result of the low vision of Vega, the daughter of the creators. Faced with this difficulty in accessing training, the main objective of the company is to achieve universal access to knowledge and thus have all the same opportunities.


Bemyvega caters to the needs not only of people with low vision but to anyone who may have difficulty seeing from a distance in a class, a lecture or a power point presentation that makes vision difficult.

The tool collects all the sources needed to follow the experience and gives control to the user, each student can choose at any time what he/she wants to see.

How does Bemyvega work?

It simplifies in a single device, all the options required to follow classes or conferences in a totally autonomous way.


-Quickly and intuitively marks the camera of the user's choice.


-Transmission captures.


-Allows HD recording of all sessions.


-Enables the use of zoom in images and videos, pause the video and make a contrast change.


-Subtitles on the fly.


The broadcasts can be stored and distributed through digital platforms, so that the content can be accessed as many times as needed.


In its development, it shows the potential as a tool, responding to the challenges of today's world for personal training, it is a project in constant evolution, adding value to the user and allowing unlimited training through technology.

In case you are interested in visiting us at SIMO Educación and learn more about Bemyvega: no limits to training, you can request your invitation here, we are waiting for you!

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