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Analytics in e-learning

In today's post we are going to analyze the importance of predictive analytics in e-learning, the types of analytics we can find and we will talk about Intelliboardthe e-learning tool par excellence that allows you to analyze all the relevant data of your academic institution. Remember that you can request more information about it at info@samoo.es.

We will start by giving meaning to e-learning analytics and its importance within online training.

What are e-learning analytics? They are the set of techniques used to extract useful information through a set of data related to the educational activity.

It aims to improve the quality and efficiency of all processes related to online learning, making it more personalized, allowing cost savings, generating effective training experiences, increasing accessibility and interest in participation by students.

Types of analytics

When we talk about analytics in e-learning we find 2 types:


-Descriptive: It deals with the study of the past, referring to the preliminary stage in data processing, very useful information is obtained through the summary of historical data, preparing them for further analysis.


-Predictive: Predictive analytics is the use of data and machine learning techniques to identify the probability of future outcomes based on historical data. It aims to establish the best assessment of what will happen in the future.

The leading data analytics tool

IntelliBoard is the leading provider of data analytics and reporting services for your LMS, used by companies and educational institutions worldwide.

Its set of tools and its intuitive dashboard will allow you to see all the data compiled in your LMS in a comprehensive way. So you can make the right decisions in line with your objectives quickly and efficiently.


The main advantages of using Intelliboard are the following:


-It allows to analyze the performance of each student, academic results, absences... In this way, information is collected in real time for each of them to implement a personalized education.


-It offers teachers the best training tools to orient their teaching methods and techniques to the new educational models.


-Thanks to Intelliboard it will be possible to determine improvements in content, platforms or learning tools to optimize the educational experience .


The success of your students is fundamental, evaluate their effort in terms of online teaching results and know the effectiveness of the courses, obtaining all the performance data is essential for your students to achieve the desired academic results, Intelliboard brings your learning management system data to life, allowing you to see the information you need. It helps you and the institution identify the most relevant information and make education-oriented decisions.

We'll be back soon with more posts like Predictive Analytics in e-learning.


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