Real-time Moodle data that tells you everything.

IntelliBoard is the leading plugin at data analytics and report extraction for your for your learning management system (Moodle, Blackboard Learn, Open LMS...). Shis set of tools and its intuitive its intuitive dashboard, will allow you to you to comprehensively view all the data compiled on your LMS.

Knowing what's going on inside your LMS will help you make decisions that align with your your goals in a a quickly and efficiently and, therefore, contributing to the improvement of your contributing to the improvement of your your courses.

And with more than 120 reports and data analytics, you can see the data you need when and how you need it.


Your smartest LMS


IntelliBoard features


Thanks to its control panel, you will be able to quickly visualize the most important data for your organization.


One of the key elements of online training is the completion of the course by the students. IntelliBoard allows you to quickly detect which students are at risk in order to propose improvement actions.


Get to know both the participation of your students and the interaction of teachers with the LMS and with the students themselves.


Spend less time on your learning reports. IntelliBoard gives you a realistic and reliable view of what is happening in your courses.

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