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What LMS do you use?
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Bank of hours

  In Samoo, we offer a bank of hours service for consulting, support and development in Sakai without fixed costs.   You may use our services upon your needs.  

Component development

One of the benefits of Open Source software is the ability to create your own tools or modify existing ones. In Samoo, we have great experience in developing this type of components and even we have reported our solu...

E-learning content

The teacher usually coincides with the content editor. This operation is not desirable to generate quality content, as they are different disciplines that come together in this process. We offer you the possibility to c...

Implementation and migration

The most delicate process begins in the moment you decide which LMS to use. At that moment the machine starts up and begins the implementation of the LMS. The Samoo’s expert staff has successfully implmented LMS in di...


A great deal of time and resources spent by organisations when an LMS installation are consumed in the analysis of options, testing, research, feasibility studies, updating of technical staff ...


The installation of an LMS doesn’t end on the last of finished production. An LMS is usually a system with a high volume of traffic and with very demanding users. New features, new requirements and tools, solutions to...


In contrast to the maintenance, in which we handle all, support will serve to help organizations to perform the maintenance themselves. A set of communication tools will be used to resolve the doubts and queries and to ...


When implementing a new system in your organization is necessary to train users in their use so they can get the performance that allows and also to avoid rejection or underutilization.

Technological Surveillance

Open Source communities like Sakai, are very dynamic communities that constantly offer solutions to small software bugs, new features, new tools and in general all the dynamism of an active community.

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What's Samoo working on...

Newspaper El mundo: "Samoo diseña Campus Virtuales con la plataforma abierta del MIT"


Sakai in Spanish

Sakai is a project which were born in 2004 in the U.S. universities (MIT, Stanford, Michigan and Indiana) and began to expand in Anglo-Saxon countries and prestigious universities such as Yale, Oxford, Cambridge ...

Ciclo Abierto de Conferencias 2014
Working on translation

Con el ánimo de dar a conocer Sakai en latinoamérica, la Comunidad de Universidades de habla Hispana lanzó en diciembre de 2012 su Ciclo de Conferencias "Soluciones Open Source para la formación universitaria. Casos Prácticos", organizadas por Samoo.

Why an LMS?


One of the critical points in an e-learning project is the selection of the LMS (Learning Management System) or e-learning platform, which will support teachers and students.


More Articles...

Mundo Sakai

EuroSakai 2011

Samoo participates with two presentations in 2011 EuroSakai held in Amsterdam on 26, 27 and September 28.

The presentations will address the implementation of Sakai at the University Complutense of Madrid and the Spanish Confederation of Savings Banks by Samoo and on new tools and features developed by Samoo

Noticias Productos

Integración de Sakai con Webconference

Samoo has developed integrations between Sakai and several Webconferences:

  • Adobe Connect
  • OpenMeetings
  • Microsoft Live Connect
  • Spontania 
You can download some of them at and

Noticias Servicios

Consultoría disponible

El servicio de Consultoría para el análisis de entornos adecuados para la implantación de suites SAMOO ya está disponible en la sección siguiente.
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