Questioning nowadays if e-learning has any kind of advantage over traditional education is nonsense, but if you still have doubts, let's review the 10 reasons why online education is a safe bet.


1. Flexibility.

The main characteristic of e-learning is its flexibility in the training process. Compared to conventional training, online training has access and availability 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and this allows you to have access to learning where, when and how you want.

This makes it possible to adapt the training to the rhythm of the student's life and not the other way around. With this, we can combine daily activities that we would not be able to afford with a face-to-face education.

2. Transcending geographical and spatial-temporal barriers.

You can access the content no matter where you are, you will only need a device with an internet connection to fully immerse yourself in the training process.


This breaking down of geographical walls allows us to have a wide range of training offers that are not necessarily linked to our area of residence.

3. Cost reduction.

As mentioned above, all you need is a device with internet access to be able to participate in the training. This saves on travel costs (accommodation, transportation, parking, per diem) and materials (such as books, notes or homework materials), among others.

4. Updated and unlimited content.

It is a fact that an e-learning course offers a large amount of materials and resources (interactive content, activities, forums, gamification, videos, external tools, extra materials, tutoring, etc.) that help and support the students during their learning experience.


In addition, unlike conventional training, all these resources can be revised and modified immediately and easily, which means that students always have up-to-date information at their disposal.

5. Adaptation of the pace of learning.

One of the greatest advantages of e-learning is that the courses are adapted to the students' reality. The user actively participates and has the ability to self-manage his or her progress, thus deciding his or her own pace of learning independently of that of his or her peers.

Active learning.

In this learning modality, students are solely responsible for their own evolution, which favors their autonomy. In addition to meeting the objectives proposed by the course itself, in a transversal way, through online training, we also acquire skills such as responsibility, critical thinking or decision making.

Personalized training.

Virtual platforms that offer online courses facilitate the personalization of their space and content. We have at our disposal individualized information at the moment, quickly and easily accessible, such as: our progress, our grades, alerts of pending tasks or meetings, our courses, etc.

Follow-up of the training process.

Teacher support is key for a good training process. In online courses this support can be offered through many tools such as: tutorials, feedbacks, videoconferences, forums, chats and surveys.


Likewise, aspects such as connection time, the date and time of arrival and departure, the delivery of assignments, the degree of student satisfaction, etc., are data that we can know and allow us to monitor their evolution.

9. Promotes cooperation and collaboration.

In distance learning courses, interaction between students and faculty is encouraged. Through forums, assignments, wikis and surveys, among other activities, students are encouraged to participate, creating comfortable scenarios. These spaces provide enriching experiences in which to share practices, reflect and exchange ideas.

10. Online community.

An online course offers the possibility of being a precedent to create an online community of professionals in your sector. A virtual learning space where you can share new concerns with colleagues with the same objectives.

In conclusion, opting for an online education is a safe bet. The multiple benefits it offers will not only make us grow professionally, but also on a personal level. 


From Samoo we encourage you to immerse yourself in the magnificent world of e-learning, we are waiting for you!

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