Here are some tips to keep in mind when creating your online course:

1. Analyze before designing

Never design without having a deep understanding of the audience for which it is designed.


It analyzes the students, the content and the available resources. The result of this analysis will be the description of a situation and its training needs, which will allow us to determine the objective or purpose of the course.

2. Pedagogy

For your online course to be successful it must have a good pedagogical strategy.

You should pay special attention to the planning structure, the way of sequencing and organizing the content, the objectives of the modules, the activities and the evaluation mechanisms.


Once the learning material is structured, it is important that you design the storyboard, which will allow you to organize the content and visualize how each screen of the course will look like.  

3. Visual elements that make students connect.

By transmitting only theoretical knowledge you will lose the students' attention.

Create dynamic and creative content, with visual elements that make the course more eye-catching. Make the students interact with it, this will allow them to maintain interest and concentration.  


It is essential to have a multidisciplinary production team to achieve courses with a higher level of quality: layout designers, graphic design professionals, voice-over...

4. Elements of self-learning

Using self-learning elements at the end of each module is the first step in consolidating the material in long-term memory.


It allows students to reflect on what they have learned and take responsibility for their own learning, which will help them to gain greater autonomy and increase their motivation during the training action.


Don't forget the feedback! Make sure students know why their answers are correct or incorrect and allow for a moment of reflection to detect strengths and weaknesses that will help them improve assimilation and enhance the learning process.

5. Gamify the evaluation and achieve greater motivation

Gamification can become a key element of your course.


Place the students within a story and set them challenges, questions and decision making situations with multiple alternatives, use rewards to overcome certain challenges, this will keep their attention and cause an increase in motivation and connection with the course, which will help significantly in the learning process.

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