Currently in Spain, educational institutions and corporations have begun to prepare contingency plans in case COVID-19 or coronaviruses interrupt their teaching or professional work, or have to be carried out remotely.


Samoo E-learning, as specialists and reference company in e-learning in Spain is able to implement solutions for collaboration and communication, both synchronous and asynchronous, in record time and with maximum guarantees. In order to guarantee the service we and our partner Blackboard are devoting additional resources from our operations and development teams to this situation and continue to evaluate the best options available given this evolving situation.


Within our product catalog you can find:


- Blackboard CollaborateBlackboard Collaborate, a tool for synchronous communication and collaboration in high resolution audio and video and with a multitude of features such as: work groups, polls and questionnaires in real time, digital whiteboard, native app... We would like to highlight its quick implementation, and its simple handling in which it is not necessary to install any additional software.


-Blackboard Learn, the leading learning management system (LMS) in academia and used by 76% of academic institutions thanks to its extensive functionality and excellent user experience.


-BlackboardOpenLMS, based on Moodle and suitable for all types of institutions, both academic and corporate. Its SaaS mode, its extensive catalog of plugins and tools and the set of utilities created to improve its core, make it the perfect solution in terms of value for money.


In addition to these solutions, we have authoring tools for content virtualization, anti-plagiarism, biometric identification and many others that you can consult in our products section.  


If you are interested in receiving more information, please contact our team through the contact form and/or by e-mail at

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