Simulation and preparation of online language exams.

The first e-learning platform completely dedicated to language exam preparation.

Access the world's largest bank of online learning resources, where you will finds 266 mock exams, 590 hours of learning and 30,000 questions and exercises to work on all language skills: writing and speaking, listening and reading comprehension and oral interaction.

Learn with GlobalExam from start to finish. Its learning platform allows you to:

    1. Assess your actual language level through a complete initial evaluation.
    2. Build as a teacher your training program, including the necessary hours of online work.
    3. Analyze, manage and adapt your lessons in real time.
    4. Check the progress of your students and measure the achievement of their objectives.
    5. Meet your learning objectives and obtain your language certification.




GlobalExam features

Interactive platform

GlobalExam has a simple, intuitive and accessible interface that can be adapted to the level of each user.

Real simulations

Comprehensive learning based on real exam conditions to help you progress and achieve success.

Improved performance

Displays your activity data and course grades. Helps identify at-risk students to redirect their learning.

Pentec E-Learning Area

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