UX and its importance in academic environments

UX and its importance in academic environments

Today we will talk about UX and its importance in academic environments, but... What is UX?

The term UX stands for User Experience, "It refers to what the user experiences before, during and after interacting with a system" .

In this post we will focus on user experience in academic environments.

How does an unattractive UX affect the user?

-An attractive user experience has a positive impact on the learner, however, if the interface design is unattractive it can cause users to abandon the master's degree, course or training in question, as it can cause confusion and a feeling of abandonment within the system.


-Presenting an unattractive user experience will result in costs for the educational institution, training, support and user service... It will also have a negative impact on the quality of the training and the success of the student in his training progress.

UX and its importance in academic environments

Much more than usability

Within the user experience, we must take into account several key factors to determine whether it is successful or not.


-The contents must be shown in an efficient, simple and intuitive way, therefore the information must be as clear and accessible as possible. How is this done? By informing about the duration of the course, the topic to be covered, the objectives to be met, the schedule... in this way the student can better manage his time. Usability must go hand in hand with UX.

-Another important factor is to encourage the active participation of the students, in a way to make them the protagonist and allow them to interact, making their learning as personalized as possible.

-If a strong visual impact is achieved within the course, the student will not easily forget it and will reinforce the experience he/she has had with it.

UX benefits in E-learning


User experience (UX) in e-learning can be defined as "the process of organizing and structuring course content to meet the learner's needs and facilitate the learning process".

All this brings great benefits to educational institutions, the main ones being:


-Administrative: training and user support costs are reduced, user numbers increase and service quality improves.


-Teaching: teachers can obtain a large amount of data from students, achieving proactive tutoring.


-Students: as we have been discussing during the post, the user experience is of great importance to promote learning in a personalized environment, a clear and simple interface will promote student engagement.

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