No matter whether the education is face-to-face or online, any teacher, professor, academic or corporate trainer has as a main goal that their students learn new knowledge and excel by bringing out their full potential. However, not everyone knows how to get their students to achieve the best results in their online learning projects. Therefore, the more knowledge they have about educational technology and the solutions available, the more likely they will be able to use them in their daily educational routines and, therefore, the greater the chances of achieving pedagogical success.


In this line and so that no one is left without knowing the most advanced educational technology on the market, the "Innovation Summit 2021" is born. "Innovation Summit 2021. An online event in which the leaders and representatives of e-learning of great prestige worldwide will inspire and will present the key tools to increase productivity and effectiveness in the processes of online learning and training. The Innovation Summit 2021, in addition to aiming at the productive exchange of EdTech knowledge, also aims to address the resolution of everyday problems with online learning, stir up shared issues among attendees and enhance the online learning experience. It will also serve as a networking event to establish and expand relationships with the digital education community around the world.

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This event is ideal for L&D e-learning professionals, training coordinators, teachers and professors, LMS administrators, e-learning enthusiasts, technical and HR managers, as well as anyone interested in learning more about educational technology and EdTech services. An event for anyone who aims to explore new ways to improve the user experience on the LMS platform; discover the most cutting-edge e-learning trends; learn from the most prestigious global EdTech professionals; find a guide for your school or company that will allow you to thrive and streamline training processes; connect with the online learning community to discover new opportunities for growth.

On November 3, 2021 from 15:00 to 20:00 (broadcast in Spanish) you have an appointment!


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You will discover in addition to EdTech trends, the experts' prediction for e-learning in 2022. After 2 years of pandemic and continuous evolution in the online learning industry, explore how the reality of e-learning has gone from a distant reality to a crucial element for educational and business organizations. What will 2022 look like for e-learning?

Our presentation: "The importance of improving the user experience in online academic environments" Sol García.

Have you ever wondered about the importance of improving the learner or employee experience in your learning management system?

By investing in UX design, you are investing in avoiding wasting human resources, time and money. If we want existing users of an LMS platform to stay and enjoy the experience, and new users to want to come in, stay and evolve by learning, you need good UX design that promotes user retention.


If you are an academic institution or a company that is thinking about improving your online learning environment, our talk will be of interest to you. We will not only talk about why you should create an attractive design, but also about the 

- Optimization of work processes.

- Improved access to information and content.

- The creation of an environment based on usability and accessibility.

- Improving the quality of our teaching through analysis, monitoring and proactive tutoring.

- Creating an experience that "engages" the user from day one, results in increased success and support cost savings.

When and where does our presentation take place?

When: November 3, 2021 at 15:45 (Spanish time).

Where: online.

Speaker: Sol García, director and E-Learning expert at Samoo by Pentec

Pentec E-Learning Area

Samoo was born in 2006 from our parent company Pentec. Since then, we have merged all our know-how in technology and education to meet the challenges in education and offer the best E-learning and Blended solutions.