On March 17,18 and 19 we were fortunate to attend Telefónica's INNOVATE event at the Palacio de Congresos de Córdoba, where the most advanced digital solutions applied to key sectors of society such as tourism, sports, health, education, connectivity, industry, innovation, sustainability and the environment were presented.

We were accompanied by Sumadi and Compilatio, to see first hand "the approach of new technologies to citizenship", as Joaquín Segovia, territorial director of Telefónica in Andalusia, pointed out.

"bringing new technologies closer to citizens".

- Within the educational world, new updates related to proctoring, anti-plagiarism and secure assessments were presented.


-In other areas such as health, applications related to ophthalmological telediagnosis were highlighted.


-In sports, an application for the automatic production of events was presented.


-In terms of connectivity, fiber optics and 5G, Telefónica presented a simultaneous translation tool, a drone management platform, virtual private networks and the Smart Mirror, which allows you to look in the mirror and see information on various topics.


-For the tourism sector, the fair showcased the latest technology in augmented reality glasses.


-In the area of sustainability and the environment, a tool for measuring air quality in real time and a television platform for people with disabilities were presented.


-Finally, in innovation, he highlighted a virtual citizen service office and a service that provides greater autonomy to deaf people in their daily activities at home, detecting sounds and transforming them into colored lights and personalized vibrations in any type of electronic device.

The event was attended by political figures, such as the mayor of Cordoba, José María Bellido, and the sub-delegate of the Spanish government, Rafaela Valenzuela Jiménez.

Here are some pictures of the event

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