GlobalExam is an ultra-customized language learning platform with 5 languages: Spanish, English, French, German and Chinese, which allows you to evaluate and develop the language level that each employee needs. In addition, it allows you to prepare for the language certification exam and acquire a Business language level. 

When you make the training plan for your company, do you take into account that a language training course for your employees can guarantee that what they learn will have a practical application directly related to their job?

With Global Exam your employees will learn to deal fluently with any professional situation in another language.

Bet on the advantages that the e-learning world opens to your company.

1.- Your employees will be able to have training without having to travel or be in a crowded room. It facilitates the distribution and updating of training material.


2.- They will have the option to complete the course on their own and at their own pace, reducing the stress of having to add one more task to their list of work obligations. They will be able to reconcile work with learning.


3.- The availability of virtual classes generates a cooperative dynamic that leads to a positive synergy towards teamwork. In addition, working links are created between departments, thus strengthening the idea of the company as a unitary whole.


4.- Learning is enriched as it is accompanied by interactive resources, gamified elements, examples based on real cases, activities oriented to the working world, etc.

E-learning enriches your team and your company

Learning or improving with a language means significant personal and professional growth. Employees will be able to choose to improve their working position, acquire new responsibilities, have peace of mind every time the phone rings or participate in all corporate activities in an active way.

The future lies in online training. Companies hire qualified workers, but in order to progress and grow they are looking for continuous training, especially in languages. Therefore, if the training is controlled and managed by the company, it can get more benefits because it can orient it according to corporate interests. In short, e-Learning is about integrating human capital management with knowledge management.

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