If you are looking to optimize course virtualization processes through an external factory and reduce costs, pay attention to the following tips:

1. Internally addresses some of the phases of the process.

To virtualize contents we must follow some phases such as: the creation of the course content, the instructional design and scripting, the production of resources (images, infographics, videos...), the layout with authoring tools that generate educational content based on the standard or the evaluation.


If you have a team that can carry out one or more of the above phases , you will considerably reduce both the time and the cost of the virtualization process.

2. Let them advise you

Defining the ideal methodology and learning objectives, choosing the most appropriate tools, approach, interactivity, audiovisual load or the type of evaluation activities directly influence the success of the educational activity.


Both pedagogical consultants and instructional designers can help you analyze the specific needs of your company and find the perfect balance from a pedagogical, functional and design point of view, thus optimizing the learning process.

3. Respect the procedure marked at the beginning of the project

It is important that you invest sufficient resources and time in making the necessary revisions to both the material and the procedure, thus anticipating possible modifications at later stages. 



Keep in mind that the more modifications you make to the content or to any of the parts of the process already defined, the more production times and, therefore, costs will increase.  

4. Virtualization tools

Although sometimes custom developments cannot be avoided, in other cases, the layout with an authoring tool is totally valid.


Currently, there are many possibilities on the market in terms of content virtualization tools that will help you achieve extraordinary results.


Choosing the right tool can be a challenge, so you should take into account your needs, the chosen methodology, the learning objectives, the target audience, as well as your technical knowledge of the tool.  


The better the authoring tool, the better the results. We recommend using a tool that works with multiple templates already created, which will allow you to save time and money on course design.

5. Higher content volume, lower cost

If you have the need to contract a large volume of content, it is possible to reduce production costs because workflows improve significantly.


Increased workflows reduce the time it takes to manage activities and increase flexibility, task automation, efficiency and productivity. If you have the need to contract a large volume of content, it is possible to reduce production costs because workflows aresignificantlyimproved .


Increased workflows reduce activity management time and increase flexibility, task automation, efficiency and productivity

6. Choice of Partner

The greater the experience, the greater the capacity to adapt. It is important to choose a partner with extensive experience in your type of project, since not all of them are specialists in all e-learning areas.

Choosing a partner specialized in content virtualization will guarantee professionalism, originality and support at any stage of the process.

All of this will exponentially influence the suitability of your training content. It will allow you to achieve better economic profitability, greater results at a pedagogical level and greater flexibility and agility when producing materials.

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