Make an impact by creating videos with Hihaho

Hihaho is an interactive video solution designed to transform any video into an online learning platform, with a wealth of interactive features to engage the audience.

You will be able to easily create an interactive video that generates a great impact on your audience, knowing them in advance thanks to the statistics provided by the video solution.


Hihaho stands out for its multitude of interactions, up to 14 options with a large number of functionalities.

You can create questions, skip parts of the video, request a rating, add text, sound effects and much more. All this makes the content more interesting and you will immediately get more results.

It is fully SCORM-compliant and ideal for online education and regular classroom lectures.


Click on your videos


Create high-impact videos

The content will have a much greater impact on the audience through questions and interactions that emphasize the information.

Large number of interactions

Generating texts, sound effects, questions to the audience... Make an impact by creating videos with Hihaho. In addition, they present a technical service, which is available 24 hours a day.

Fully compatible in LMS

The world's leading LMSs are perfectly adapted to Hihaho.

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