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LViS is an advanced web application designed to Automate Video Creation and Maintenance. With LViS, organizations manage their visual content, offering a complete and efficient solution to optimize the entire video lifecycle.


The platform combines cutting-edge technologies with an intuitive interface, allowing you to automate key tasks in video production and management. From automatic script generation to content editing and distribution, LViS simplifies every step of the process, saving valuable time and resources.


In addition to its ability to automate video creation, LViS also offers advanced analytics and management tools. With performance tracking, audience analysis and content personalization features, LViS helps you optimize the effectiveness of your videos and maximize their impact.



The best option for creating automatic videos


Video recording

LViS will record your videos over and over again for you. Just detail the actions that make up the script of your video using LViS Action Builder, a visual block editor that allows you to define your video as a sequence of instructions to be performed.

Record your videos in more than 140 languages

LViS can generate the narration of your videos or podcasts using 140 different languages, including dialects. It also has more than 420 voices.

Search and screen reading

LViS can also read from the screen any text that appears as a result of an action.

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