Class Collaborate

The most practical videoconferencing solution
for education.

Class Collaborate is the easiest and most convenient videoconferencing tool for education that allows both asynchronous and synchronous communication (webinars).webinarsvirtual classrooms, recorded classes...). Class Collaborate, is a browser-based tool that simplifies, facilitates and enhances the security and experience of web conferencing.


With features such as high-definition audio and video and application sharing, it offers an online user experience, with no installation required.


Class Collaborate offers an unparalleled online learning environment. At Samoo e-learning we are official distributors of Class Collaborate in Spain.. Contact us if you want to know more.

Class Collaborate

Videoconferencing in education


Integration in different LMS

Blackboard, Moodle, Blackboard Open LMS, etc. Any LMS can count on this powerful videoconferencing tool through LTI integration, which only needs a correct configuration to work smoothly.

Collaboration and commitment

From virtual meetings, webinars, to online and blended learning, you'll have all the synchronous learning tools you need.

Easy to use

It runs from the browser, with quick startup and intuitive operation, so that both students and teachers can focus solely on interaction and participation.

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