Transforms learning and thinking through a gamified environment.

CloudLabs, a tool for STEM education.


CloudLabs is a virtual learning environment, composed of learning units and laboratory simulators that allow more than 560 practices in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and vocational areas.

With CloudLabs your students will be able to learn in a virtual learning environment that transforms classrooms into engaging, fun and dynamic educational environments.

The tool generates an ideal ideal for learning basic sciences, relating theoretical and practical concepts, through the resolution of problems in a real context.


The learning model that manages CloudLabs is cyclical and interactive as it allows the student to follow at his own pace the learning process.

By implementing a virtual simulator in science teaching, students' motivation is increased, since it gives dynamism to the learning process.


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Quality education is possible


Focused on

3 educational levels: Basic Education, Secondary and High School Education, and Higher Education.

Laboratory simulators

CloudLabs Virtual STEM labs allow you to:

Traceability in the learning process.

Interact in an intuitive and gamified environment.

Save on equipment, reagents and maintenance.

Learning units

Guided by natural voice.
Designed by means of thematic axes.
Free navigation. Adapts to the size of the device.

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