The revolutionary tool for automated monitoring of
real-time online assessments with AI technology.

The revolution in online exam proctoring has arrived. SUMADI, powered by AI technology, is here to ensure that teachers and students learn in a fairer and more secure way. It doesn't matter where your students are located or where you are in the world. Now, SUMADI makes it possible to automate the monitoring of online assessments in real time. Its advanced technology in facial recognition, browser monitoring and user's typing pattern guarantees its effectiveness.


In addition, this innovative cloud-based platform allows your users to register quickly and easily. The teacher or evaluator will get a detailed report, during or after the evaluation, with which he/she can review all user activity, including any suspicious behavior.


Bet on what is safe. Generate confidence and prestige in your training center or educational institution. SUMADI brings with it the most cutting-edge technology to guarantee a trustworthy and smooth online teaching-learning process.


The revolution
in online proctoring
online exam proctoring


and Facial Registration

Unlike other solutions, Sumadi not only detects faces, but also performs recognition against a facial identity to ensure academic quality.

Reports at
Real Time

Reports and analytics to know in detail any behavior of the students while performing the evaluations and at the end of them.

Advanced Intelligent Vision

From detecting the presence of other people in the classroom to sentiment analysis. Sumadi helps to meet the requirements of certain accreditations by ensuring the integrity of the remote assessment process.

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